Boat Day Trip

Day Trip Services

Getting everything ready for hassle-free boating trips

TBC pays close attention to all the things you need for your trip. We work expertly to help you enjoy the best boating experience possible.

We will assist you before, during, and after your trip in Sarasota, Florida. TBC will help you with your pre-trip preparations by having all of your fishing gear ready and waiting for you. We can even go shopping for the food and supplies you require. We can also take care of your boat cover before you leave, during your trip, and upon your return.

Our services are specifically tailored to your comfort and requirements. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll have everything prepared for your adventure.

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Cover Handling

Let TBC deal with removing your boat cover, storing it, and putting it back (including the poles), so you can enjoy your boating trip without worrying about lugging heavy covers before, during, and after your trip.

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Pre-Trip Prep

TBC will help you save time for your trip. Tell us what you’re fishing for and give us a list of what you need—and it will all be waiting for you at the dock! Our pre-trip prep services also include purchasing and/or delivering your food, beverages, and fishing tackle, as well as frozen or live bait for fishing.

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Return to Dock

Upon your return, you just need to leave your keys with us. We have a team in charge of unloading your stuff and cleaning up so you can head on to wherever you need to be or do whatever you need to do next. Our services include boat wash; engine flush (while it’s still warm); cleaning and return of fishing poles; and filleting, vacuum sealing, labeling, and delivery of your freshly caught fish.

We understand how difficult it can be to plan and prepare for a boating trip, that’s why everything you need is arranged for you by The Boat Concierge. We make everything easier by handling the shopping and preparations on your behalf.

But with our day trip services, we’re not just helping you get ready for your sail. We can also handle everything upon your return, which is perfect if you have other plans after your boating trip or need to rest as soon as possible.

The Boat Concierge team is dependable and trustworthy. We guarantee that none of your belongings and valuables will be lost or damaged as a result of our services. If you notice any missing or damaged items, please notify us right away and we’ll take care of these matters at once.

Why Choose Us?


Our team is made up of Captain Gabe—a seasoned Southwest Florida fisherman with a USCG Captain’s License in safety and first aid—and highly-skilled Sarasota boat service professionals, all hand-picked by Capt. Gabe himself.


From boat cleaning, repair, and maintenance, to transfers, day trip preparations, and boat charters, we are here to help. You can even request exclusive services—simply tell us what you want or need, and we’ll see what we can do for you.


We’ve built great relationships with our clients over the years. At The Boat Concierge, you have Capt. Gabe and his crew—your local Sarasota boating pros who won’t just provide you with reliable boating services, but can also be your friends. 🙂


What are you waiting for? Sail with The Boat Concierge now!
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