• Boating Made Easy

    We make boat ownership easy for you

  • Boating Made Exciting

    We take you to another level of boating lifestyle

  • Boating Made Better

    We follow a professional coating process for your boat’s aesthetics and protection

We Are Certified Glidecoat Professionals

The Boat Concierge has completed the Glidecoat training program, including all the steps—from surface preparation and application up to warranty registration—to provide the ultimate surface protection and aesthetics for your boat or yacht.


The Boat Concierge offers a range of the highest quality services and products for all your boat and yacht needs. As a premier choice in the Southwest Florida boating community, we have built a reputation for excellent service, with near-flawless maintenance and repairs and friendly charter service.

Boat Day Trip Services

Experience our hassle-free day trip services from cover handling to pre-trip preparations and return to dock assistance.

Boat Routine Maintenance Services

We take away your stress from boat inspections, engine and system checks, washdowns and more!

Boat Maintenance Management Services

Our professional team is experienced In mechanics and repairs, full-service detailing, and boat canvas services.

Specialized Boat Services

We help boat enthusiasts
through our boat consultations, sea trials, and storm preparation services.

Transportation Services

We provide boat transportation assistance with care, whether you’re having your boat serviced, going on vacation, or buying or selling your boat.

Boat Charter Services

Captain Gabe will take you to the best fishing spots in Southwest, Florida and let you enjoy the excitement of hardcore fishing.


Captain Gabriel “Gabe” Lippert leads The Boat Concierge. He obtained his USCG (United States Coast Guard) Captain’s License in safety and first aid and started his profession as a guide in 2009.

With both parents as divers and his dad as a fisherman, Captain Gabe learned to fish when he was five years old. Since then, has been in and on the waters of Southwest, Florida. He loves fishing and boating, and with his lifetime of knowledge and vast experience in boats, he decided to take his journey to another level. In 2019, The Boat Concierge was born.

Through The Boat Concierge, Captain Gabe aims to help boat owners handle all the work that comes with boat ownership. He and his team provide boat maintenance and repair services, charters, and more for year-round and seasonal boat owners in Sarasota, Florida.

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You came to the right place! The Boat Concierge is committed to providing the best boat maintenance, repairs, and protection for boats and yachts, helping you fully enjoy your boating lifestyle. Our special charters also offer a great opportunity for you to create unforgettable memories and have new learning experiences. We sail in the waters of Manatee County, Sarasota, and all throughout Southwest Florida.

With superior workmanship, The Boat Concierge team provides boat maintenance and repair services, day trip boat assistance, full-boat detailing services, and quality products at a competitive price. Our certified and friendly crew members have gone through an intensive training program and are experienced in their marine craft, delivering excellent results to make happy and satisfied boat owners.

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Captain Gabe will personally lead the boat during your fishing charter experience, making sure it will be fun and memorable. Whether you are a couple, a family, or a group of friends, he will sail with you to the best spots for fishing in Southwest, Florida, allowing you to discover outstanding views, hidden gems, and everything the water has to offer—and have the best fishing experience ever.


What are you waiting for? Sail with The Boat Concierge now!
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