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Florida's harsh elements beat up your boat, causing scratches, fading, pitting, tarnishing, staining, water marks, and more—and that means your boat just won't look good anymore. Time to bring back your boat's showroom shine with Glidecoat ceramic coating!

What's Wreaking Havoc on Your Boat?

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Glidecoat: The Ultimate Surface Protection
for Your Boat.

Glidecoat is a marine-grade ceramic coating that creates a hard protective barrier over gelcoat or paint, giving your boat a showroom finish that lasts up to 18 months. That’s 3x longer than traditional waxing (which, let’s be honest, we all know doesn’t actually work that well anyway).

How Glidecoat ceramic coating Helps Protect Your Boat & Investment

• Restores and protects gel coat or paint
• Increases gloss and shine
• Repels water, fish blood, stains, dirt, and other harsh elements
• Reflects UV rays
• Inhibits rusting and tarnishing on polished metal
• Eliminates mold and mildew
• Increases the value of your boat

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Let's Get Technical

Glidecoat ceramic coating in Sarasota for boats uses nano-technology that SAVES Florida boats from being a real eyesore.

Its tried-and-tested products and process fill in microscopic pores and scratches on surfaces like marine gel coat, paint, and polished metals. This preserves or restores your boat’s original color and shine; creates a smooth, hydrophobic surface (which means it repels water); and creates a diamond-hard finish that protects the surface, even in Florida’s blazing summer heat.

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Bye-Bye Boat Maintenance

Once your boat has its newly protected surface with Glidecoat’s ceramic coating, the need for maintenance is greatly reduced. Contaminants like dirt, salt, and fish blood just sit on top of your boat’s surface instead of getting absorbed into its pores. Now, a simple rinse or light washdown/towel dry is all that’s needed after use, leaving your boat just as shiny as the day it was coated.

Long-Lasting Boat CEramic Coating

After Glidecoat is applied, your boat is going to shine like it hasn’t since it came off the showroom floor. That shine is measured in Gloss Meter Readings. And with Glidecoat, it lasts.

Plus, Glidecoat continues to build up the gel coat each time it is reapplied to your boat, which means more protection and even better gloss and shine as time goes on.

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Perfect for New Boats, Too!

Don’t wait for the elements to start cracking your boat’s surface and dull its gorgeous showroom shine. If you’ve got a brand new boat, NOW is the time to protect your investment with Glidecoat’s ceramic coating. In fact, a Glidecoat application within the first 3 months means your boat will keep its like-new look 6x longer!

Boat detailing in Sarasota Protects Fabrics & Vinyl

Glidecoat works for your boat’s fabric, cushions, marine mattresses, canopies, and awnings, too. It:

  • Makes ordinary fabrics and vinyls waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Prevents soaking, swelling, and rotting
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria with its antibacterial technology
  • Lasts 5x longer than conventional water-repellent coatings.

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The Process

The Boat Concierge is a certified Glidecoat Installer serving boat owners on Florida’s west coast, servicing Sarasota, Tampa and Naples.

We’re ready to complete the 4-stage Glidecoat Professional Coating process in a safe and controlled environment.

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After an initial assessment of your boat, we wash and prep the boat before carefully applying the exclusive line of Glidecoat products. This professional coating process completely restores your boat’s surface and offers the ultimate protection available.

Reach out to The Boat Concierge today to get started.

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Our team is made up of Captain Gabe—a seasoned Southwest Florida fisherman with a USCG Captain’s License in safety and first aid—and highly-skilled Sarasota boat service professionals, all hand-picked by Capt. Gabe himself.


From boat cleaning, repair, and maintenance, to transfers, day trip preparations, and boat charters, we are here to help. You can even request exclusive services—simply tell us what you want or need, and we’ll see what we can do for you.


We’ve built great relationships with our clients over the years. At The Boat Concierge, you have Capt. Gabe and his crew—your local Sarasota boating pros who won’t just provide you with reliable boating services, but can also be your friends.


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