Specialized Boat Services

Specialized Services

Helping you achieve your boating goals

TBC will help you explore the beautiful waters of Sarasota, Florida with our excellent specialized services. Whether it’s your first time with us or you’ve been with us for a long time, we’ll serve you with our usual best!

We keep updated on everything you might need as a boat owner or enthusiast. Our very own Captain Gabe will discuss all your boating concerns with you during our consultations. We will also check your boat, determine your requirements, and even assist you with purchasing items you need. There is never a difficult task in owning a boat when you’re in our care. And Florida’s extreme weather conditions will never be a problem either. As locals who are familiar with Florida’s every season, we know what it takes to keep your boat ready, especially for stormy days. Our storm preparation services will protect your boat from any damages like glass breaks, scratches, and plunging. Plus, we have sea trial services for your newly purchased boat to make sure it’s ready for your adventures.

At TBC, we will never leave you unsatisfied with our boat care services.

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Get comfortable on your boat; learn how to dock; and discover local channel markers, drinking holes, popular spots, and more from TBC’s very own Captain Gabe. You can get in on his recommendations, expertise, and buying power for all your boating needs. He’ll assist you each step of the process and can even get you discounts you’d not want to miss!

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Sea Trials

Faulty boats can ruin your long-planned sea trip. So, to make sure nothing goes wrong, we conduct sea trials to check your boat’s condition. Our experts will perform electronics evaluations, check for malfunctioning lights and pumps, perform shakedowns, and observe engine operations. Whether you own a new or used boat, we’ll make sure that no issues are overlooked. Take a test drive with Capt. Gabe now!

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Storm Prep

We are well-informed and experienced when it comes to Florida’s weather and seasons. And we know how extremely harmful heat and storms can be to your boat. So, we secure all boats from storms by removing covers & isinglass, pulling the bilge plug, raising the davit to the highest point, and keeping any miscellaneous items safe. Whether your boat is docked or in storage, you can rest easy from the coming winds and surge with our storm prep services.

When you choose The Boat Concierge, you’re making the best decision for your boat care. We guarantee 100% satisfying services for you and guide you through our processes.

You will get the best professional advice from our very own Capt. Gabe. He will answer all your inquiries and help you learn more about boating, including Florida’s boat trading secrets. TBC will provide the services you need to make boating easier and more fun for you.

If you’re wondering what else your boat needs, just give us a call, and we’ll take care of it for you!

Why Choose Us?


Our team is made up of Captain Gabe—a seasoned Southwest Florida fisherman with a USCG Captain’s License in safety and first aid—and highly-skilled Sarasota boat service professionals, all hand-picked by Capt. Gabe himself.


From boat cleaning, repair, and maintenance, to transfers, day trip preparations, and boat charters, we are here to help. You can even request exclusive services—simply tell us what you want or need, and we’ll see what we can do for you.


We’ve built great relationships with our clients over the years. At The Boat Concierge, you have Capt. Gabe and his crew—your local Sarasota boating pros who won’t just provide you with reliable boating services, but can also be your friends. 🙂


What are you waiting for? Sail with The Boat Concierge now!
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