TBC Is Now a Certified Glidecoat Installer

The Boat Concierge team members are excited to announce that they’re now Certified Glidecoat Installers!

If you haven’t heard of Glidecoat, check out this video and read on because it’s very important for Florida boat owners.

Boat surfaces suffer horribly from high UV levels. Even brand new boats are vulnerable! And with regular waxing, yacht and boat finishes lose surface functionality in a matter of weeks.

Better than regular ceramic coating, Glidecoat is the ULTIMATE solution in providing surface protection for your boat. Its unique process has been extensively tested by accredited laboratories on all forms of watercraft in extreme weather conditions. It has also been proven to provide the following benefits under the harshest conditions in marine applications:

  • Provides long-term retention of new or old paint’s gloss and color
  • Restores contaminated paint finishes to a like-new, glass-like appearance
  • Keeps colors and graphics vibrant
  • Significantly improves the hydrodynamic efficiency of any surface
  • Resists water ingress and repels stains from salt, insect impact, and fish blood
  • Offers high resistance to UV attacks, unlike normal wax products, which start to evaporate at 110 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Provides an ultra hard-wearing and scratch- and stain-resistant coating
  • Makes a cost-effective alternative to repainting and eliminates the need for waxing
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance of coated surfaces
  • Can be applied to gelcoat, painted surfaces, and metal finishes

Once Glidecoat is applied by a Certifed Pro (like us!) and regularly maintained using other Glidecoat products, the surface of your Florida watercraft will be preserved for up to 18 months with little effort!

Request an estimate for Glidecoat application or give us a call for more info: (941) 347-2628 (BOAT).